Volumetric Performance Toolkit

Developed in the VPT Pilot Residency

Developed during the Volumetric Performance Toolbox pilot residency co-produced by Valencia James, Simon Boas and Glowbox, made possible by Eyebeam’s Rapid Response Fellowship. Click here to learn more.


Developed in response to the shuddering effects of Covid-19 on performers worldwide and their ability to connect with live audiences, Volumetric Performance Toolbox offers accessible, user-friendly technology built to empower creators to perform from their own living spaces for a virtual audience.


VPT ushers in new possibilities for the creation of and experience of live performance in immersive web environments, while focusing on the creation of a product that requires minimal equipment or previous technical expertise. The toolbox aims to build an expansive community amongst the creators the tool is built for: Movement Artists of all backgrounds, orientations, and abilities, with priority on Black, Indigenous, POC, disabled, and other marginalized communities.